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Steps to Starting Your Interior Design Firm

Diana Mahoney | The Design Partner

Do You Have What It Takes?

Learn the characteristics and habits of creative, successful entrepreneurs.

Many successful entrepreneurs have similar traits and characteristics. Learn what these are and what you can do to improve on your own.

FICTION: To be an entrepreneur, you must be born that way.

FACT: Anyone can learn to operate like an entrepreneur.

What are the similarities of successful entrepreneurs?
• Persistence
• Desire for immediate feedback
• Inquisitiveness
• Strong drive to achieve
• High energy level
• Goal-oriented behavior
• Independent
• Demanding
• Self-confident
• Calculated risk taker
• Creative
• Innovative
• Vision
• Commitment
• Problem solving skills
• Tolerance for ambiguity
• Strong integrity
• Highly reliable
• Personal initiative
• Ability to consolidate resources
• Strong management and organizational skills
• Competitive
• Change agent
• Tolerance for failure
• Desire to work hard
• Luck

Many entrepreneurs also had a role model to influence them early on and parents who were entrepreneurs.

Two traits necessary for successful entrepreneurs are creativity and innovation.

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Featured Author: Diana Mahoney
Diana Mahoney has worked in the design industry since the late 1980s. Taking her career skill-set of clothing design and production, sourcing textiles, color and interior design, and retail marketing, Diana created a business for herself in this niche market as a home design writer and sole proprietor of, The Design Partner (est. 2002). Collaborating with her clients to create beautiful living places and working freelance as a home design writer is a dream realized for Diana.

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