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The 5 Most Impactful Portfolio Pieces

Michelle Taute

5. Your Favorite Design

Let’s face it. A portfolio is difficult to put together because you’re trying to represent all your skills, talents and dreams in one little book. So it only makes sense to include your favorite design project. You’ll probably light up with confidence as you talk about how you put it together and that counts for a lot in an interview setting. It also helps potential employers figure out your real interests and talents, so you land in the position that’s truly the best match for you.

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Featured Author: Michelle Taute
Michelle Taute is a freelance writer and editor based in Cincinnati who often covers design. A member of HOW magazine’s board of advisors, her articles have appeared in Metropolis, Better Homes and Gardens, USA Weekend, The Artist’s Magazine and many others. She’s the author of Design Matters: Brochures from Rockport Publishers, and in 2010 she managed the prestigious I.D. Annual Design Review competition. Taute also has created copy for everyone from scrappy entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 brands. Right now she’s working on her next book, The Design Activist’s Handbook, and trying to teach her coonhound to sit on command.

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