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The 5 Most Impactful Portfolio Pieces

Michelle Taute

It’s easy to second guess yourself about what you should and shouldn’t put in your portfolio. Is this rock poster going to make the creative director see my talent? Or would this corporate brochure be a better choice? You shouldn’t put more than a dozen pieces in your book (at most), so you need to make sure every sample is strong. Here are five sweet spots to shoot for in your next portfolio:

1. The Typographic Masterpiece

Over the years, I’ve interviewed countless creative directors, art directors and design firm owners about what they’re looking for in a designer’s portfolio. They all have different preferences and advice, but there’s one thing almost everyone mentions: great typography. It shows attention to detail and that you’re mastering the fundamentals of good design. Ideally, every piece in your book should feature strong type but make sure there’s at least one sample that really shows it off.

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