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8 Quick Tips to Improving Your Art Website

8 Quick Tips to Improving Your Art Website

John R. Math |

4. Keywords

Keywords for each page or post should be reviewed and changed if need be. Many art website owners have not taken the time to thoroughly research and include effective meta descriptions or relevant keywords in their pages. It is much easier at the time that you are publishing the page or post to do this, but people get rushed or distracted and then this is not done thoroughly or completely. Now is the time to return to those pages and complete them in order to help people to discover and read those pages when searching the internet.

5. Categories

Take a look at your post categories and all post tags that you have assigned for each page. Can they be changed, improved or expanded in order to make those pages more relevant to your readers?

6. Proof Read

While you are reviewing and improving your pages or posts, proof read the text on each page slowly again. Every time I proof read one of my old pages I will see something that needs to be corrected. Also, at this time, I will find that I can say some differently or that I can better explain that subject to the reader and I will make changes. It never fails that when I review a page that it can always be improved. The same will hold true for you too. If you don’t have the time or patience to accomplish this task, get someone else to review your content for you.

7. Search Engine Optimization Bonus

If your website contains images and graphics, then these elements also will provide to you an additional chance to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. Most people just upload images and graphics to their site in order to help tell their story. But, by taking the time to label each image according to the site’s content, a website owner can also make an impact with search engines. Each image should have a descriptive title that is relevant to the subject. Also, a short description of the image is very important in getting your images indexed. Done properly, images can drive traffic to your website when people are searching the internet.

8. Page Tabs

Finally, check your footer and header tabs and see if they are linked correctly to the right page and that their tab title is still correct for the subject matter. Page tabs in the header and footer may become irrelevant over time. As your art business evolves and changes, your website should change and adapt to what is now relevant in order to attract and retain viewers.

By following what I outlined, a website owner will discover fixes and improvements that can be made for each page, post or image. An owner can make their website more effective, relevant and up to date when using these simple website maintenance suggestions.

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