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8 Quick Tips to Improving Your Art Website

8 Quick Tips to Improving Your Art Website

John R. Math |

When was the last time that you thoroughly checked and edited your art website to see that everything was in order? I mean going through your website page by page, post by post and image by image to see if everything was labeled, titled, tagged and in proper order? Like most of us, since we are all very busy, I am sure that the answer is “Geez, I don’t know”. If you can take some time to look at your art website with a critical eye, you might be surprised at what you find and what needs to be corrected, fixed or reworked.

Once you take the time do this, your site should begin to perform much better in readability, effectiveness and in your search ranking. Take a look at some of the following areas of your art website that probably will need some fixing or fine tuning.

1. Linking

Check all of your internal and external links to see that are working and are indeed going to the proper page, post or intended website. Some links may not work anymore or are now out of date and need to be fixed or replaced. When I am viewing someone’s site and their links do not work, besides getting annoyed, I also make a subconscious judgment about that owner, their service or their product and it is not good a good judgment either. Take the time to see that all of your links and tabs are working.

2. Formatting

Are all of your posts and pages formatted, indexed and labeled correctly? Sometimes, for no good reason, the formatting changes and a page or post does not look or perform the way it originally was intended. Do not assume that each page or post is exactly the way that you left it. It is not up to your viewers to let you know that you have a problem with your website. You are the website owner and this should be your job to discover and fix. Check and fix any formatting issues with each page now.

While you are there editing your page or post, see if your title tags are correct or if the title tag can now be improved with better, different or more effective keywords. Make any changes that will improve the traffic to that page or post.

3. Descriptions

A meta description is a short, concise summary of that particular page or post that search engines will use when indexing your website. Can your meta descriptions be improved and brought up to date with rich keywords which are relevant to your topic and website? Be aware, that most search engines will only use the first 160 characters of that description, so be concise when reworking these descriptions.

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