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Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers

Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers

Elisha-Rio Apilado

• Have two desks. Yep, that’s right. Invest in a drawing table. Other than having a desk for your Mac (or PC), as well as other office supplies and a writing area, you should definitely consider a tilted drawing table. Those drafting tables are helpful with the thumbnail and experimentation process. It can definitely make you feel like you’re in an art studio and can get those creative juices flowing. Being in an artsy setting can also kick up your drawing skills.

• Get a large calendar, a dry erase board or a timetable. Being a freelancer means you must meticulously keep track of your deadlines. Having a place to take note of these deadlines makes you much more organized and, therefore, accountable. You don’t want to lose a client and possibly future clients just because you didn’t take time properly keep track of your deadlines.

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Since every designer works differently, a must-ask question is: "What are the best work-conditions for you?

Do you work better with music playing in the background or would you rather a quiet library-feel? Sometime this even varies with different projects. I find music sometimes music can even be inspiring, or maddening. Finding the right environment for you project is half the battle.

Remember: Your office is YOUR office. You should decorate it in whatever way gives you the best boost in creativity. Every factor, from your chair to your computer screen tilt, contributes to your work. If you want to make it even more personal (and a little more costly), consider the colors that energize and paint accordingly. If you feel like you need to have an actual office space, check out places to rent if it’s within your budget. The pros of this is providing a more professional environment for your clients. But remember, in the end, it’s you that will be spending the most time there — not your clients!

Either way, having an office that inspires and motivates is the best medicine for a booming freelance design career. Investing time, money and thought is necessary in order to create a perfectly productive space for you.

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