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Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers

Best Workplace Designs for Freelancers

Elisha-Rio Apilado

When it comes to freelance, usually freelancers work from home (unless you’re a lucky designer who has his/her own office space).

Either way, whether you’re designing from home or an office space, the workplace you design in should be spot where all your artistic imaginations can flow freely. Make the choice between working from home (literally in an office room) or choosing an outside place to work, such as a coffee shop down the street.

I find that, sometimes, staying inside all the time to work can create nasty artistic block. It helps to get out. For example: Bring your laptop and sit at the park and work. Find some free wi-fi spots around town and work your magic there. Sometimes for me, I enjoy working at a local coffee shop where it’s busy. It helps me focus more on my work just knowing that my atmosphere is buzzing around me.

Are You Ready to Freelance?

1. So have you freelanced before?

Not really
Yes, I have

When working from home, there are a lot of factors to consider. Remember, you’ve got to stay disciplined when you’re a freelancer, so all those distracting elements must be out of the room. Out of sight, out of mind.

Here are a couple of ideas to consider when building your freelance design workspace. Employ these tips to help you concentrate on your work and give your creativity space to breathe:

• A clean office and lots of light — natural lighting is best, a window with a view is even better! Sitting next to a window not only actually gives you some natural air, but nature has a way of calming your mind and allowing better concentration. You never know, perhaps you can even find some inspiration from viewing the outside world. Natural lighting can also give your eyes a break from staring at a computer screen (as well as keep your electricity costs down).

• Bulletin boards make you stay organized. Post-it notes and pins are a bulletin boards best friend. Post any deadlines, emails, notes as well as inspiration. Set it up close to your work area and at eye level and arms length. You’ll be turning to this board to take notes and during moments of A.D.D. when you need some inspiration.

Creative blocks will attack. They come without warning. And when they strike, the damage they make varies. Don’t give in, have as much inspiration as possible. Bookshelves full of inspiring graphic design books are helpful; Pinning up creative inspiration, as I mentioned before; Keeping magazines and books at hand (especially textbooks). They’ll all become helpful in the long run. Flipping through inspiration like this is great for the creative process.

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