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6 Tips to Making New Habits Stick

6 Tips to Making New Habits Stick

Celestine Chua | Dumb Little Man

Are you trying to cultivate a new habit? Are you having trouble being consistent with this habit?

Our habits determine our quality of life. This month I’m doing group coaching with my readers, and I was intrigued to see that many of them have goals to cultivate new habits this month. They include very useful habits like:

• Meditate every day
• Exercise 4 times a week or daily
• Reading a new book a week
• Waking up at 6am every day
• Sleeping before midnight every day

Many of them have been meaning to cultivate these habits for a while, but have not been successful.

I realize that many people have difficulties making new habits stick and it doesn’t have to be that way. I’ve cultivated numerous new habits, some of which require big changes, such as switching to a vegetarian diet and exercising every day. By taking conscious actions, your habits can easily be a part of your life. Here’s 6 simple tips to make that happen:

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1. Know why you want this habit
Why do you want to cultivate this habit and what does it bring for you? Some of us may want to cultivate habits like meditating daily and exercising daily, but why exactly do we want to do that? If you don’t have a clear reason, it’s not going to happen. For example, I switched to a vegetarian diet because I wanted to have higher mental clarity and have a cruelty-free lifestyle. I’m passionate about these reasons – having a higher mental clarity helps me to think clearer, while a cruelty-free lifestyle is in line with my personal vision. Because of that, it was extremely easy making the switch. While I hear of many people who tried to go vegetarian but failed after 2-3 weeks, I switched and never looked back.

Identify the biggest reasons why you want to cultivate this habit. Think about what it helps you to achieve once you successfully make it a part of your life. Think about what it can give you that other things can’t. Write down these reasons.

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