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Creative Drive: What's Bothering You?

Creative Drive: What's Bothering You?

Todd Henry | Accidental Creative

Many people think of creative inspiration as that rapture of emotion that suddenly sweeps us up and carries us off to the land of brilliance. But that isn’t necessarily the case. While many insights result from our being moved in some way by an experience, often the best source of inspiration is to simply take note of what’s bothering us.

Discontent can be a tremendous source of creative inspiration. By paying attention to the problems around us, we are often prompted to generate solutions that we may have overlooked otherwise.

For example:

• Are you frustrated by a system or process that seems unnecessarily clunky?

• Are you bothered by some social problem you see playing out each day?

• Are you clearly seeing a problem in your workplace that others can’t seem to see?

These are just a few of the prompts that can lead to new ideas or innovations, whether in your life or your business. Take stock of what’s bothering you. Make a list. Is there anything in the list that can do something about now?

Sometimes these little areas of discontent – if we let them fester – can significantly diminish our creative drive. They contribute to the dissonance we experience in the workplace and cause us to “check out” if they persist for too long. By making a list of the issues that are currently bothering us we give ourselves the choice to either do something about them or to discount them as beyond our ability to influence. Either of these choices can free us up to experience great expression and more clarity in our work.

So the question remains…what’s bothering you? (And what are you going to do about it?)

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