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7 Ways to Use Google Alerts & Monitor Your Art Niche

7 Ways to Use Google Alerts & Monitor Your Art Niche

John R. Math |

If you are not familiar with, or have not used Google Alerts to monitor your art niche, this article can be a very important new tool for you to use on a regular basis. Google Alerts will help you monitor very specific sections and segments in your area of expertise. In addition, Google Alerts can also be used as a great research tool for areas and subjects that you would like to be involved with in the future.


Google Alerts will monitor all, or separately the following areas of the internet; news, blogs, video and discussion groups and/or there is an “everything” tab which includes all of them. The alert is based on your query, term or subject and the results can be provided to you as it happens, once a day or once a week. The alerts can be received in an email or in an RSS Feed. To benefit from this, you need to have a Google account, their accounts are free.

Here are a few things that you can do with Google Alerts to help push your art career to the next level:

Blog or Portfolio Content Monitoring

Google Alerts provides an artist with a way in which they can monitor their article content once it has been published on the internet. This monitoring can be employed in order to see if anyone is using their article content elsewhere. Possibly it is being used somewhere else on the internet and the artist is not being given the proper credit for the article or the links back to the artist have been disabled in this content.

The way in which this is done is to put into the alert section a sentence of the article and Google will match that sentence or parts of that sentence and provide the link to you. Google Alerts provides an excellent way in which to oversee and monitor the artist’s written works.

Reputation Management

By placing your name or company name (even with misspellings), the artist is able to monitor what is known as “reputation management”. This would provide to the artist alerts whenever that name showed up or was used on the internet (good and bad). If something was being said about the artist in any group or forum, then the artist could take the appropriate steps to combat the issue, this because of this alert. Google Alerts are almost “real time”, depending on how this feature is set up in terms of notifications.

Find out Who Is Linking to Your Website and Blog

By placing your domain name in Google Alerts query (example: anytime someone were to link their site to your website you would receive an alert. Why have they done this? Find out, do some research, as they may have clients, customers or art galleries that you would also like to do business with. It is time to find out what everyone is doing out there, don’t you think?

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