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Interior Designers: Tips to Pass the NCIDQ Exam!

Interior Designers: Tips to Pass the NCIDQ Exam!

Diana Mahoney | The Design Partner

Know What to Bring

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The NCIDQ Exam requires very specific supplies necessary for completing the test accurately. Check the NCIDQ website for the full list of what to bring and what not to bring! Understanding the requirements and being prepared will lessen test-day anxiety.

Test-Day Tips to Lessen Anxiety

• Be well-rested, dress in comfortable layers (exam room may be warm or cool).

• Know the route to your test site in advance; scope out parking options and have money (coins if necessary).

• Consider ear plugs during the exam; some people have distracting working styles, but remember to practice wearing them before exam day!

• Food and beverages are not allowed in the exam room; check NCDIQ website for details.

• Have all necessary supplies: pencils, pens, drafting supplies and calculator; check NCDIQ website for a full list.

• Understand cell phones, PDAs, electronic devices must be off and given to the exam proctor during the exam.

• Remember to periodically sit back, stretch and close your eyes to re-focus.

• Drawings need not be masterpieces; monitor the time spent on drafting

Final Notes

The NCDIQ Exam is based on what interior designers do every day in the field and evaluates competency.

The best preparation to pass the NCDIQ Exam is professional experience and review of the seven content areas using supplemental materials. Utilize a cross-section of resources from professional membership organizations, trade resources and, of course, NCIDQ to assist you with all the information you may need to pass the NCIDQ Exam.

Good Luck!

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