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12 Step Plan to Building a Thriving Art Career

Rhonda Schaller | ArtyShark

1. Build a Supportive Network

First off, you can’t do this alone. Working in your studio is a lonely business most times. You need a community. I tell my students and my clients to hang out with passionate people, other artists, visual, writers, poets, performance artists. Anyone who inspires you, understands what you’re going through, and will share opportunities that they hear about with you should be a part of your personal network.

You need a community of other artists in your life. You need a network. Because making art is such an isolating business, you have to make sure you are not all alone in it. We need inspiration from others. We need to see what is going on in our field, and build relationships. The world works this way. All business works this way. Artists need to learn to work this way too. Networking and researching should be what guides your career from the business side. You job is to build a bridge between your creative mind and your business mind.

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