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How to Amp Up Your Art Sales in 2011

How to Amp Up Your Art Sales in 2011

Aletta de Wal | Artist Career Training

The most common complaint I hear from artists after an exhibit is that they did not make any sales. That’s like going to the gym once and expecting to have muscles where once there was flab. Anyone who has started a fitness program knows that you don’t go from couch potato to athlete without basic training and lots of determination. There are fits, starts and even stops. If you want a healthier heart and a slimmer physique, you persevere. You get to the gym often. And then you need a maintenance plan or you are back at square one.

If you want a healthy art business, you have to take the same approach.

The Top Line: You are in charge of the kind of art business you want.
You start with a strong body of signature work and a desire to make your mark against all odds. And there will be odds. You will encounter creative blocks and cracks in your confidence. Working through them is part of the process of building art muscle.

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The Middle: It takes lots of repetitions to get it right.
Focus and willpower are at either end of the barbells of business. To make money from making art, you add good work habits and regular actions to make your presence known. You have to explore and experiment to find the people and places where you and your art are a good fit. That’s the heavy lifting part.

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The Bottom-Line: Your audience is in charge of your sales. Your sales are the mirror of your appeal to your audience. Once you find the fit between your art and viewers’ tastes, you are in the zone. Connect with viewers where they like to look at art and you build relationships. Relationships are the source of sales. Exhibits and venues are the" gym" where relationships develop.

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