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Finding Your Signature Style as an Artist

Finding Your Signature Style as an Artist

Aletta de Wal | Artist Career Training

Do you have a memorable style to your work? In other words, do you have a signature style?

Can viewers distinguish your work from any other artist? If they can, there is a better chance they will not confuse your work with other artists, and will remember you.

Try this simple test:

Display 10 pieces of your work amongst 10 pieces of several other artists’ work of the same medium, size and subject matter. If someone unfamiliar with your work can pick out at least 8 of the 10 pieces, you have a strong signature.

Your signature style is the particular approach you take to making your art. You may, for example, emphasize symbolic language, color, technique, or theme. Your job is to combine the elements that you favor in ways that are only connected with your work.

Some of you may not yet be sure what media you prefer, let alone the particulars that will make your work unique and easily identifiable. You might be in the process of refining your style or even looking for a new art form to practice. That’s all okay. You can still make a living without a strong signature, but you will have to work harder to market your work.

To create a coherent body of work you need to master your medium and explore your own personal language.

This takes research, as well as making lots of good and bad work. You also need to know the difference between work made for personal pleasure, and when a work-in-progress is a memorable piece worth exhibiting. It takes time, but keep at it. What emerges is your own unique signature style, what emerges is the essence of YOU!

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