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Protect Yourself with a Beefy Client Contract

Protect Yourself with a Beefy Client Contract

Thomas James | Escape from Illustration Island

Kill Fee

A cancellation or “kill” fee should be determined so that you are guaranteed payment for the amount of work that you complete. If you finish half of the project before the client decides to call it quits, you should be paid at least half of the total price, but you’d better put this in the contract to avoid a fight.

Rights Transferred

Are you selling the rights to use your work on a single print run of a T-shirt, or does the client own the artwork outright? Be sure to make this clear in the contract, especially if you intend to use the Illustration for your own purposes in the future.

Credits and Copies

You should also agree upon whether you’ll receive written credit for your work, and if you’ll receive book copies, tear sheets, or other products created with your artwork as part of your payment.

Contact Info

This may sound like a no-brainer, but whether you’re working with an individual or a company, be sure to get the contact info and signature of at least one person who will be responsible for payment and any other obligations.

Protect Yourself

You may have found yourself meeting a client and feeling so confident in them that you don’t want to insult them by having them sign a contract. This is a very dangerous temptation and should be avoided at all costs. A contract is not only meant to protect all parties involved, but to make sure everyone is on the same page as far as what is expected of them and how the project should play out.

You may regret neglecting to sign a contract, but you will never regret signing one as long as you only agree to terms that you are comfortable with. If a client is reluctant to sign a contract, you should be wary of working with them.

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How do you protect yourself with your contract? What lessons have you learned the hard way? Please share your thoughts below!

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