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Make Art Directors HATE Your Web Portfolio

Make Art Directors HATE Your Web Portfolio

Thomas James | Escape from Illustration Island

2. Flash Intro

The second most risky thing you can do with your website is include a Flash-based, animated intro. Not only does it generally make an Art Director wait longer for your website to load, but it also puts up a wall between them and the main body of your website, where they can click on portfolio pieces or other areas of your site such as your About page or your Contact page.


To be sure, I have seen some Illustrators actually pull ofF a Flash intro that works in their favor, especially if it loads quickly and the artist specializes in web or interactive Illustration or animation. However, more often than not, it’s a turn off.

3. Slow Load Time

Even though I’ve already mentioned that Flash intros can potentially make Art Directors wait longer than they should to see your work, this deserves its own entry because their are other things that can slow down the load time of your website, such as large files or poor site design.

Whenever possible, upload the smallest image files possible while retaining good visual quality.

If your visitor starts thinking about what they had for lunch while your page is loading, it’s way too slow. Keep their interest with fast page loads and simple navigation so that your portfolio can do its job.

Busy Busy Busy

The general theme you may have noticed in the examples above is that you should do everything you can to take Art Directors directly to your Illustration portfolio without any unpleasant distractions.


Hopefully this helps you to make your website more effective in the future.

Have you noticed other ways that portfolio websites can be a turn-off? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.

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