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Prepare for Art Licensing Trade Shows

Prepare for Art Licensing Trade Shows

Are you prepared for your next art show?

Tara Reed |

If you are planning to exhibit at any of the 2011 art licensing shows, there is no time like the present to begin planning your art, your booth, your strategies and more.

I just discovered this great video that SURTEX did during the 2010 show last May – it gives a great feel for what the show looks like as well as opinions from many exhibitors. (Including yours truly – although they spelled my name wrong, ooops!)

Featured Author: Tara Reed
Tara Reed is an artist and owner of Tara Reed Designs, Inc., her company that offers art for licensing. With a degree in marketing and background in sales, Tara understands the business side of creativity and has successfully built her brand from the ground up.

Passionate about business and helping artists succeed, Tara created, where artists can learn how to earn an income licensing their art. There are many ways to learn: a blog, eBooks, teleseminars, coaching, interviews with experts in the field and more. Reed is also the author of ”The Goal Wheel for Artists,” a goal setting system based on the color wheel. This system helps artists and creative professionals set and achieve goals while still working from a place of inspiration.

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