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3 Questions to Ask Your Illustration Clients

3 Questions to Ask Your Illustration Clients

Thomas James | Escape from Illustration Island

2. What do you want the Illustration(s) to “do” or “say”?

Whether they realize it or not, clients hire Illustrators to communicate something that they don’t have the time or skill to on their own.

• They may need you to help sell their product.

• They may need you to help tell a story.

• They may need you to help build their brand.

Try and figure out what their goals are in broader terms than “What do you want me to draw?” so that you can see things from their perspective. With this insight, you’ll probably be able to come up with creative solutions that they hadn’t previously considered.

3. What do you NOT want?

It’s usually easier for a client to tell you what they DON’T want, which will actually help you to zero in on what they DO want. Asking this question at the start will help to limit the risk of revision and rejection when you present your solutions to the client.

Also, when a client begins to look at things from this angle, it can sometimes open up their thought process when they are having trouble describing the project to you.

Playing Detective

In those times when a client is having trouble communicating, you’ll need to take charge of the investigation by asking questions like the ones above. Not only will you be able to get closer to figuring out what they’re looking for, but you’ll also claim your role in the project, which might come in handy later when you make a case for the solution you’ve devised.

Do you ask these or other questions to help determine a client’s needs? Please share your thoughts below.

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