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How to Create Bold Art Goals

How to Create Bold Art Goals

Watercolour by Malei Young*

Doug Farrick

So what’s in store for 2010? Have you set any goals? Any milestones you want to hit? Anything that would make 2010 extra super spectacular and mega cool?

A lot of people I know don’t even like to think ahead in fear that they will reach too high and then be disappointed – like all the other times before that they strived for bigger and better things and fell short.

Well – SO WHAT! – so you came up short LAST time – doesn’t mean you will come up short this time – does it? The issue is we link all these “disappointments” together over time then make up some cockamamie story as to what it means – it mean “I’m not good at X” or “What the bother . . ” blah, blah, blah.

After you tell yourself this story, you will then have to buy a book or a course or a seminar to solve what you believe is “wrong” with you. It’s got nothing to do with any perceived faults in you. That’s just a story. It’s JUST information. Let it be just that and nothing more.

Well, the secret is to just “drop it.” Just drop it like you drop a pencil or anything else. It is something you no longer need on your new journey. You are, instead, going to replace it with focused action based on your goals.

And, as I mentioned in A Project versus a Dream article, we are going to drop dreams and goals and create a few projects. Projects is a bit less intimidating a word and has a type of action associated with it.

So, the assignment I am giving you is in the area of creative career/earning or, better yet, let’s just call it “money-making” projects based on your art.

I recommend coming up with 2-3 major projects you would like to undertake for 2010. This is no hard and fast rule but I have found over 3 projects to diffuse your focus whereas just one might not be enough – or I have found that if you get stalled a bit on one project you can work on the other.

Example projects might be: licensing your art, making $40,000 selling on Ebay in 2010, creating a kick-butt artist website with e-commerce included, creating an art related DVD, etc. etc. but make it bold – something that will make you stretch (and grow) a bit. And something that will make you a measurable amount of money.

A couple final thoughts. The first is, you don’t need some fancy-shamncy project management system. If you have found something that works for you great but if not, don’t fret, just grab a cheap notebook at CVS.

You will need to sit down in a quiet space and give some thought to the project as a whole. How long it might take, do I need further materials, how much can I do per month/week/day. But start to PLAN things. The don’t have to be set in stone but make it clear to yourself what you are up against and what you need to do.

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The second is, try to make this simple. Don’t map a whole mess of angst against it. You’ll wear yourself out. And, this sounds counter-intuitive, but don’t think that much about it. You don’t need to. You have your plan and your map – now just follow the directions (like a good cook does)

And one final thing (that goes along with the last point) – try to live in the land of doing (of action) – this is where you’ll get additional ideas and direction. You won’t get them by hemming and hawing and thinking – just do. Keep your hands busy – that is always sound advice, even if nothing is apparently happening- it will.

Let me know if you are willing to take on this challenge. I would love to hear what you are planning or if you need help or support along the way. 2010 will be over before you know it. Will you have completed your projects? Will your life be headed in a bold new direction? Somehow, I bet it will.

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