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Selling Your Art: How to Get Clients

Selling Your Art: How to Get Clients

Doug Farrick

Selling your art is a BIG challenge for a lot of artists out there. And I understand the challenge. But one thing is for sure – without clients (or customers) you won’t sell enough to buy a postage stamp.

I am a member of Steve Chandler’s excellent Club Fearless program and I have been given special permission to give away a limited number of Steve’s E-book “How to Get Clients” (in PDF format)

I am a pretty voracious reader and have read a ton of stuff (and been to many seminars) regarding client attraction, referrals, customer retention, etc. but I have to admit that Steve’s work is simply some of the best.

There are many, many distinctions is this E-book that will work wonders for you getting new clients for your art. The book weighs in at 218 pages but my recommendation would be to print out like like 50 pages at a time, read them and then print the next “chunk” – Also it is fairly large type and the reading goes very quickly.

Also, a good idea is to print the pages on pre-punched paper so you can then put it in a hard bound spiral binder so you can write on the pages and also make notes and action steps (which is a great idea to do). I do this to a lot of worthy ebooks so I can have them on hand (on the bookshelf) and refer to them quickly.


Here a just a couple points to wet your appetite and get you thinking about YOUR art business:

1. Learn to work backwards

“Let’s start—not at the beginning—but at the end. Let’s start with the final picture. Now you have a client and that client has been referred to you by someone else.

We’re going to talk about this process called referrals; because more than any other process, cultivating referrals is the most powerful, reliable way to build your client base. To build any business.To build anything.”

2. Why do people KEEP ON referring?

“People refer more people to you only because they received the fulfillment and the satisfaction of knowing that the person they referred to you has actually received good professional service, and you took good care of them. But that almost never happens.”

3. Never let them start

“You never want prospects to decide whether to start working with you. That’s always a tough decision. Why do I want to give someone a difficult decision to make? Why start the relationship off that way?

Assuming it starts at all. Instead of having your prospect trying to decide whether to start, why not make it easier? Why not have them decide whether to continue? Isn’t that an easier decision? Safer? More confident? How is that done, though? If the prospect is new to . . ”

4. NO is actually heaven on earth!

“Now it’s time to just open myself up and say, “no is fine with me—I need yeses and no’s—in fact I need plenty of no’s because the more nos I get, the more yeses I will get. Why? They go together. I finally get that!”

There are so many “gems” in this book that it is hard not to find at least a few to help your sell more art by attracting and finding clients appropriate fir your artwork.

To get a copy just send me a note via the contact form (please be sure to use an email that you remember!) with the subject line “Get Clients Ebook” and I will be happy to send one out to you.

And please give me your comments on the book. Would love to hear them.

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