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ArtBistro Asks: Improve This Billboard!

ArtBistro Asks: Improve This Billboard!

Doug Farrick

So I have a little advertising question for y’all today.

I have been trying to take regular walks (30-45 minutes) daily at lunch not only for the exercise value but also to clear my head, gets some fresh oxygen and just generally relax my mind and let things/creative thoughts bubble up as they may.

It’s really quite amazing what “movement” can do for your mind – especially for desk and computer bound folks like myself.

Anyway, on a recent walk I passed by this outdoor billboard advertisement (see above) and took a quick pic with my iPhone. As I thought about it I realized it just didn’t work. I think it really misses the mark for what it was intended. However, I do have an idea or two on how to improve it.

I think just being aware of how advertising works can give YOU a big advantage in your own art marketing and advertising.

And, of course, not all (in this case advertising) is great so it’s important to know WHY so you can make your marketing and advertising that much more effective. It’s about thinking and a solid concept to begin with.

Now, your turn. Tell us how YOU think it could be improved. Recreate the billboard and post it in this forum.

Good luck!

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