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Seriously Bad Web Design Clients

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

Failure to Launch

After grueling hours, countless late nights, and working the weekends without a breath of a personal life, our dedicated client team felt like everything was going to pay off once we presented the website we were working on for months. The hard deadline the client had set for the beginning of Q4 that year was right around the corner, and we were ready! The site was amazing and we were on pins and needles, excited to hear her feedback.

Fast forward to the much anticipated conference call: everyone positioned around the round table, each on their toes to pitch their part. We begin to present the site, but instead of the client focusing on the deliverable, she breaks down and starts sobbing hysterically. She goes on about how her relationship with an older gentleman is falling apart, how she might be going through menopause, and how she DOESN’T REMEMBER SETTING THIS HARD DEADLINE FOR THE WEBSITE LAUNCH at all! 

Wait… SHE DOESN’T REMEMBER?! I totally sympathize with her personal life crumbling before her – but when she moved on to give us emotional, irrelevant, and disrespectful feedback, that’s when S*%T HIT THE FAN. For months, the client director, account directors and executives, interactive strategist and the whole creative team had been going back and forth on the development and direction of this site, and she was pulling a 180 on us. I felt like putting in my two weeks then and there. But instead we sucked it up for that day, and rescheduled another call for when she was a bit more sane, and we were a bit more bald from pulling our hair out!

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