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Seriously Bad Web Design Clients

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

Sippin’ on 40’s, Wishing for 20’s

I was damn near broke at one point in my freelancing days. My combined clients owed me like a thousand bucks. So no problem…

After a few calls I get a client willing to pay his bill and I use my last Metrocard credit to get to his place. It was the summer of ’05 and there was a serious heat wave pulsing through Brooklyn. I get there and he is nowhere to be found. I even look into his windows and consider breaking in. In desperation I call another client who lives in the same general area who hasn’t paid for months. No answer. So I walk to his place in hopes of tracking him down. He’s nowhere to be found as well.

So I spend my last 99 cents on a 40 of St. Ides… awe yeah…. I walk home sippin’… delirious in the heat.

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