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Seriously Bad Web Design Clients

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

American Idol Waste of Time

A writer looking to increase his business and exposure by revamping his website asked me to show him a couple different versions. I sent him a couple of different professional, simple, sleek and clean looks. He then proceeded to tell me that the mocks were horrendous and that he was looking for more of an American Idol look and feel to the site. Of course I asked him why American Idol, since he is a writer and teaches writing classes. He wanted to break into the Hollywood scene as a screen writer.

Ok … so I give him a couple American Idol mocks, which at this point I am pretty sure he is shooting himself in the foot. As a screen writer, if you want to break into Hollywood, you should have some sort of credibility. An American Idol look to a website does not convey professionalism or exceptional writing skills.

He proceeded to say that it was still not what he was looking for….at this point he had already blown out his budget twice. Mind you, writers waiting to be discovered (or any writers) don’t have the cash to go through an endless review cycle.

In the end he asked to have all the original files of work I had done for his site. He said he would finish them and then create the site himself. Needless to say, that was a one time client only. Months later he writes an email asking for feedback on the new site he himself had done. I didn’t return his email since I had nothing good to say about it, since it was a black background site with white text. Just shows me that he still doesn’t know what he wants or what he is targeting.

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