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Seriously Bad Web Design Clients

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

Major Pain

We had the client from hell. An ex-army guy gone entrepreneur who wanted to get into the food truck business buzz happening right now in the major cities. We signed a contract that the name of his company would be X and established their branding position. We made a flat fee contract that was inclusive of only so many rounds of revisions that we clearly stated.

After a big kick-off meeting and hours into the first round of logos, he completely changed the name of the company and his branding position on us and then couldn’t understand why we would require more money to continue the project. He basically wasted so many hours of our time on something he wasn’t going to use. We had the go-around with him for weeks about it. I think because he was working with three women he felt like he could bully us.

After a while we had to put our foot down. We called it a breach of contract, agreed on a dollar amount that was far below what it should have been just so we could get rid of him and gave him the logos we had thus far.

 He has since completed the logo and branding himself. He considered himself a creative as well and thought Powerpoint was a great place to build logos. I’m pretty sure he took our logo into Powerpoint and gutted it until he thought it was right.



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