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Seriously Bad Web Design Clients

Kayla Baxter | ArtBistro

Bad clients.

They’re every freelancer’s nightmare, and yet, almost everyone who has ever done freelance web design has a gem of a story to tell.

Whether it’s strong (and wrong) opinions, fantastically bad taste, or just general unpleasantness (one of our finalists was asked to photograph Polish sausages as part of a design!), we’ve gathered the most cringe-worthy client stories from around the web, even from our own backyard in Silicon Valley, and be sure of it – these stories will terrify and awe (in that really awful way) your inner web designer.

Then, when you really, really can’t take it anymore, we’ll share tips from our community, and even from our very own Creative Director about what it takes to become super-successful in web design.

First Up: Major Pain →

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