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5 Steps to Becoming an Interior Designer

5 Steps to Becoming an Interior Designer


Step Five: Know Your Client to Get the Job.

Homeowners are increasingly using the services of interior designers when they plan new additions, remodel aging kitchens and bathrooms, and update the general décor of their home. Many homeowners also have requested design help in creating year-round outdoor living spaces and home theater systems.

Smart interior designers should keep in mind that a general knowledge of ergonomics and green design will be more and more in demand in the upcoming years. The public’s growing awareness of environmental quality issues and the increase in cases of allergies and asthma are expected to increase this demand.

Interior design is a growing field and career advancement is almost guaranteed.

Experienced designers in large firms may advance to chief designer, design department head, or some other supervisory position. Some designers open their own firms or decide to specialize in one aspect of interior design. Other designers leave the occupation to become teachers in schools of design or in colleges and universities.

With the right education and experience, the opportunities are endless!

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