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Is Technology Making You Bad at Your Job?

Is Technology Making You Bad at Your Job?

Tania Khadder

You’ve forgotten how to use the fax machine (or never learned in the first place)

Does the paper go face down or face up? Is that the sound it’s supposed to make? Where can I find that stupid cover sheet anyway? Do I even need one?

If these questions have crossed your mind lately, you’re probably of a generation that only uses email to send documents back and forth.

But no matter how tech-savvy you are there may just come a time when you need to use the fax machine. If you’re fumbling around like an idiot, you’re not doing anything for your professional reputation.

The good news is it’s a pretty simple — if archaic — device. Find your nearest fax machine, learn its number, and ask your office manager for a quick tutorial. Then file away this knowledge knowing full well you may never use it (because now that you’re actually prepared, Murphy’s Law says you won’t need it!).

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