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5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer

5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer


Step Five: Get to Work!

The sooner you get to work as a photographer, the sooner you can invest in your equipment and portfolio. The good news is an uptick in the number of internet versions of magazines, journals has made newspapers commercial photographers and digital images are more in demand. Also, the internet and improved data management programs have made it easier for freelancers to market directly to their customers, increasing opportunities for self-employment and decreasing reliance on stock photo agencies.

But don’t be fooled – job opening for photographers (especially salaried jobs) are not abundant. The number of individuals interested in positions as commercial and news photographers is usually much greater than the number of openings. And remember that more companies contract with freelancers than hire their own photographers. Those who succeed in landing a salaried job or attracting enough work to earn a living will do it with related work experience, job-related training, or some unique skill or talent — such as a background in computers or electronics or knowledge of a second language. So study up, keep your portfolio fresh, and market yourself in a unique way and you’ll be hired in no time!

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