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5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer

5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer


Step Four: Connect and Learn Skills

Most photographers spend only a small portion of their work schedule actually taking photographs. Their most common activities are editing images on a computer if they use a digital camera and looking for new business if they are self-employed. Therefore it’s important as a photographer to develop computer and networking skills. The two best ways to do this? Marketing your portfolio and website via social networks and keeping on top of new software.

Many photographers have websites that highlight an online portfolio and enable them to attract work from magazines or advertising agencies. For freelance photographers, maintaining their website is essential. Photographers who operate their own business or freelance need business skills as well as talent. These individuals must know how to prepare a business plan, submit bids, write contracts, keep financial records, market their work, hire models, get permission to shoot on locations that normally are not open to the public, obtain releases to use photographs of people, license and price photographs, and secure copyright protection for their work. To protect their rights and their work, self-employed photographers require basic knowledge of licensing and copyright laws as well as knowledge of contracts and negotiation procedures.

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