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5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer

5 Steps to Becoming a Photographer


Step Two: Get Educated

Just as it is important to be informed of the possible fields within photography, so is acquiring the technical expertise to make it in your desired position. When considering whether or not a formal education is right for you, take note that no matter how talented you are, work as a professional photographer is competitive and an education can make you more a more appealing candidate.

This being said, some fields require more education than others. For instance, photojournalists or industrial or scientific photographers generally need a college degree, while freelance and portrait photographers need technical proficiency gained through a degree, a training program, or simple experience.

All photographers should enroll in basic courses that cover equipment, processes, techniques, and training in photographic design and composition. Moreover, those who learn good business and marketing skills will have a competitive advantage in the field.

But being a good photographer doesn’t just mean being educated in techniques and processes — it also means having the right personality and character traits. Good professional photographers are patient, accurate, and detail-oriented and should be able to work well with others, as they frequently deal with clients and graphic designers, as well as advertising and publishing specialists.

Step 3: Create a Portfolio →

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