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6 Interview Must-Haves for Creative Freelancers

6 Interview Must-Haves for Creative Freelancers

Lyndsay Rush | ArtBistro

Now that I’m underemployed and juggling multiple jobs (herein referred to as “freelancing”), a whole new set of rules are in play.

This week, for example, I learned that the interview process for freelancers is not what I’m used to; this is not your grandma’s office interview.

For starters, they’re not called interviews – they’re called meetings. Second, they don’t take place in offices. They take place in coffee shops or other neutral zones.

Third – and my most favorite! – is that you do not have to wear a suit.

I had two meetings with editors and one with the owner of a dog-walking business this week, and I would like to share a list of things you need to help your “meetings” go as smoothly as mine did. Enjoy!

A Freelancer’s Interview Needs:

1. Power Color
Whatever color makes you feel like you could rule the world (and complements your skin tone). For me, it’s red. And maybe I wore the same red top to all three meetings this week. Mind your own business.

2. Time Trickery
Tell yourself that your meeting is about 20 minutes before it actually is. I thought I was running late for meeting #2 until I realized I had lied to myself about the time, and was actually 10 minutes early. If you’re like me and constantly run late, this will save you.

3. Good Luck Charm
Something that you can keep with you in your pocket for a secret dose of good fortune. Acceptable items include: a seashell, a tiny picture of me, a 2 dollar bill, a pog, or a fig newton.

4. Empty Bladder
Don’t even think about skipping the restroom before your meeting. You will regret it when they ask you to tell them about yourself, and all you can think about is how badly you have to pee.

5. Blush
Helps you look alive and excited but don’t overdo it. Also, this tip is exclusive to women. That is unless you want to look like a choir boy or Shakespearean actor.

6. Power Ballad
This is most important for “amping” purposes. Think of the songs that really get you dancing. I blasted Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire” while I got dressed for interview #1, and it made me want to chest bump somebody (not advised in interview).

Well, that about sums it up. Don’t forget that many of the old rules still apply; you still have to look interested, make eye contact and give a firm handshake (high fives are not yet acceptable forms of greeting—I learned that the hard way).

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