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5 Steps to Becoming an Architect

5 Steps to Becoming an Architect

Steve Berman | Art Bistro

Step One: Choose Your Educational Path

The question for future architects is not whether or not to earn an advanced degree; it’s how to earn your advanced degree.

For the majority of students, there are two choices. You can either complete a 5-year Bachelor of Architecture program or earn a bachelor’s degree in another field and then a Master of Architecture. And just earning the degree isn’t enough. You’ve got to stand out academically in order to get noticed when it comes to securing that career-defining internship (see Step Three).

In order for a bachelor’s in architecture to be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) as a professional degree, the program must include at least 150 semester hours, at least 45 of which must be in general studies. As for the classes relating to architecture, a bachelor’s program typically includes classes on computer-aided design, construction technology, architectural history and structural design.

Those with an undergraduate degree in an unrelated field often strive for a master’s degree program in architecture. The program may include courses in building theory, construction synthesis, design theory, fundamental structures and resource management.

For those looking to pursue an entry-level architecture job, one option is an associate’s degree program in architecture. Associate’s degree courses have a more practical focus, with classes covering building materials and codes along with drafting principles.

Step 2: Study Outside the Classroom →

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