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8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer


Step Eight: Make it work.

Face it, you’re more than just a fashion enthusiast, you’re destined for a life as a fashion designer.

But of the various paths, which should you choose?

Check out this list of possible fashion design paths:

Artists and sketchers sketch new designs.

• Assistant designers work to support lead designers in a variety of design tasks.

• Cutters cut out patterns or fabrics by hand or computerized machines.

• Head designers/design directors make creative decisions and manage a support team.

• Pattern graders adjust patterns for different sizes of clothing.

• Pattern makers make patterns.

• Set and exhibit designers create sets for fashion, runway, or trade shows.

• Spec and fit technicians produce samples.

• Specialty designers design and sew items requiring special production techniques.

• Trend researchers gather data to help designers plan their collections.

As Miranda Priestly would say, “That’s all.”

Good luck!

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