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8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer


Step Seven: Decide whether you should work for yourself or take a company job.

This is more about personality than anything else. When deciding whether to work as a self-employed fashion designer or for an established brand or company, it’s beneficial to contemplate the advantages and challenges of each.

When starting out, learning from a mentor is beneficial. Fashion designers who work for established fashion houses or companies usually have the benefit of working regular hours. However, deadlines are an inevitable component of the fashion world and long hours will be expected during these times.

Being your own boss might mean a more flexible schedule and creative control. This means you’ll not only be a designer, but also a business owner — this comes with many responsibilities. And while working for yourself might sound alluring, it is best left for later on in your career when you are more established, have a better vision, and can properly convey your vision backed by experience.

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