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8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer


Step four: A portfolio — you should have a great one.

Your portfolio is an integral part of your fashion career. The best way to build a stellar portfolio is to stay focused during your time in fashion school and complete each project as though you would be presenting your work to a potential employer. Use projects and assignments as opportunities to flaunt your creativity and skills.

Your portfolio will also display your strong sense of the aesthetic — an eye for color and detail, a sense of balance and proportion, and an appreciation for beauty — all must-have qualities in a designer.

Fashion designers also need strong sales and presentation skills to persuade clients to purchase their designs. A portfolio should not only communicate high-quality sketching, pattern-making, and sewing skills, but must also present well and illustrate a firm understanding of collaboration and communication. This being said, your portfolio is often the deciding factor in getting you a job.

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