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8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer

8 Steps to Becoming a Fashion Designer


Are you thinking of becoming a fashion designer? Like Halston, Lagerfeld, and de la Renta, you’ll be creating way more than just art – you’ll be creating art people live their lives in.

And while some may think fashion and appearance are superficial, you know that what you do helps people present themselves to the world, get hired, impress a first date and feel great about themselves. In reality, there are a ton of different positions within fashion design itself. From workout wear to haute couture, someone somewhere had vision and designed it.

But it’s not all schmoozing at runway shows in Paris and New York — it’s also a lot of hard work and you’ll most definitely have to pay your dues before you show under the big tents. Fashion designers and prospective fashion designers must excel in creativity, style, knowledge of fashion history, business sense, and the ability to perform under pressure and in high stress environments.

So, other than winning Project Runway, how do you become a fashion designer? We’ve assembled a list of necessary steps to get you started in the fashion world.

Step One: Ask Questions

Step Two: Get Educated

Step Three: Get an Internship

Step Four: Make a Portfolio

Step Five: Get Your First Job

Step Six: Know What Employers Want

Step Seven: Do You Want to Go Solo?

Step Eight: Make It Work

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