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5 Steps to Becoming an Animator

5 Steps to Becoming an Animator


Step Two: Choose Your Focus and Get Educated

A career in animation requires you hold a bachelor’s degree or other postsecondary training in art or design. Although some with natural talent can sometimes slip by without formal schooling, it is useful to learn the required software that heavily dominates the industry and, as always, an education can make you more appealing among otherwise equally qualified candidates.

That being said, most people in the animation career field earn a bachelor’s degree in fine art or animation. Degree programs in this field include courses in 2D and 3D animation. Students learn how to develop characters and create storyboards and models and those who wish to have a career in animation and other art-oriented jobs need to learn computer graphics as well.

A large part of an animator’s education lies in work experience. Potential animators should participate in internships and work-study programs in order to learn from professionals already working in the field to fine-tune their skills and focus. Successful animators need to possess as high degree of creativity, but also must have a very visual and vivid imagination, pulling inspiration from movies, nature, comics, and fine arts.

An animator must be comfortable experimenting with new ideas and have a basic understanding of geometry; much of working in 3D is dealing with a third axis point.

Additionally, various animators also study anatomy to gain a deeper understanding of how humans and animals move in order to animate their characters in more realistic ways.

Step Three: Assemble Your Portfolio(s) →

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