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5 Steps to Becoming an Animator

5 Steps to Becoming an Animator


Are you thinking of becoming an animator?

As a fairly new artistic career path, it’s a profession filled with opportunity and guarantees a career packed with continuous learning and opportunities creating special effects or animation and working with various media, such as video, computers, movies, music videos, and commercials. You’ll find more than one way of being creative — and you’ll no doubt want to take a crack at them all!

A career as an animator will have you working across various industries, as there’s a need for your skills in advertising and computer system design services, as well as the motion picture and video game industries.

Whether you’re thinking about going to school to become an animator, you’ve just graduated and need some advice to start your career, or you’re interested in a career change, our 5 Steps to Becoming an Animator will help direct you through the process.

Step One: Job Description

Step Two: Focus and Education

Step Three: Your Portfolio(s)

Step Four: What Employers Want

Step Five: Get to Work!

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