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Show Appreciation While Promoting Your Art

Show Appreciation While Promoting Your Art


If you’re a freelance graphic designer, or working for yourself, it may be a little more difficult to reach your clients and intended clients through normal channels. It’s important for clients to know you’re still out there and available to help them out with their design problems. How do you do it without spending most of the hours of your day on self-promotion? What’s a good way to get your name out there to existing clients and those that may be clients in the future? Well, now is the time to get some ideas.

Now is the time to communicate to clients about yourself and let them know what you’ve done. Every month of the year is filled with opportunities to reach clients and potential clients in creative ways that may add a little punch to your communications.

So Say “Thank You!”

We all have portfolios, and hopefully our best work is online. It may be a good idea to send out a “thank you” communications message to your clients. It can be done in a simple email or could be stepped-up a bit by sending out a nice email newsletter by using some simple HTML or utilizing an email newsletter service. Most of the companies that provide these services are very affordable and offer many other features than simply sending out an email blast.

Track Who Responds

Look into You can track your database of contacts, track who opens the email, and set the timing of when you want the email to go out. It would be good to include some info of what you’ve done this year and either provide some images of what you’ve done or provide an easy way for your recipient to click on a link to get to your online portfolio. Think of a creative message to draw the client in and offer a “tease” to get them interested. Other than thanking them for the past year, you can also offer some helpful hints or tips on how to make their communications efforts a little easier. It’s a nice time of year to thank the people that have worked with you.

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