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  • Is Research a Crucial Part of Good Design?


    To do our best work, designers must have a full understanding of the problem to solve the issues at hand. Doing upfront research is a pivotal step in the upfront design process. We must get to know the industry landscape to ensure the creative pro...

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  • Tips for Making ANY Job Less Stressful


    Stress is inevitable. But the debilitating strain of chronic work stress is not, even if you're in an inherently stressful profession. In fact, learning to manage your stress is likely to improve your career, according to career coach Julie Jansen...

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  • 7 Methods for Choosing Better Subject Matter


    Dear Dr. Maisel, Once I start painting I know what I’m doing but I have the hardest time getting started. For instance I’ll set it up a still life and then I find myself asking, ‘Well, what do I want to do with this?’ It feels like I’m really very...

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